Software Undelete

  • Easily undeletes images, videos, songs and any other types of data from computer hard disk
  • Easily undelete SD card deleted data and even from CF cards, MMC cards, flash drives etc
  • 100% safe and secure application for recovering lost data in its original format
  • Considered to be the best software to undelete files from any kind of storage devices

Wants to undelete deleted files from your computer?

In this modern era, major works are done on computers itself. All your work will be stored on your computer hard drive. As the world moves forward on computer, there are some problems that follow you like dark shadows in the form of data loss issues. Think you have burned day and night to complete a project and finally finished it and stored it on your computer. But, your computer is affected by viruses and you are nowhere aware of it. However, next day while searching one of your important file, you will be shocked to know that, your important file is missing. You will be worried like anything as it costs your several days hard work. In such condition, you will go in search of efficient data recovery tool. You will come across number of tools to recover data. You will be in dilemma to opt particular one as you don’t want to take risk. In such hard situations, Software Undelete will take you through right way.

Software Undelete is the most trusted tool among the worldwide. It can easily rescue hard disk deleted data of various formats. It will scan the whole computer drive in few minutes and recovers the deleted data at one go. it is very easy to use as it is built with graphical user interface.

Common reasons for file deletion are:

  • Accidental deletion: Deleting unwanted files from storage drive is quite common practice to make storage space for storing new files. Sometimes while deleting unnecessary files, users unknowingly delete some vital files and later they realize their mistake.
  • Using third party applications: In certain cases, you might lose some important files due to the action of third party applications like antivirus or any other downloaded software. Certain antivirus programs delete the virus-infected files without showing any notification.
  • Emptying Recycle Bin or Trash: In certain cases, deleted files can be recovered from Recycle Bin or Mac Trash. If the contents of Recycle Bin or Trash are emptied, then you will not be able to get back those data with simple restore option.
  • Improper power loss: Due to sudden power surge your computer may shutdown abruptly resulting in loss of some files which are operating. Improper handling of the software is also one of the main reasons for data loss.
  • Virus attack: Malicious programs like viruses or worms may get in to your computer via internet or by some external devices, may cause some serious data loss scenarios.

Irrespective of how you have deleted the files, this software restores the files in few simple clicks. This tool can be used smoothly on Windows as well as Mac operating systems. Hence this tool is considered to be best data rescue software for Windows/Mac operating system. When files are deleted they are not actually deleted rather it just removes the pointer associated with deleted file, which points to stored location of the file and marks the space as free to store any new data, but the actual information continues to stay intact until it is overwritten with new data. This tool has a capability to find such files and restores them with the use of unique file signatures.

Software Undelete has many advantageous features over other tools. It can recover images, videos, songs or any other documents from your computer. It has sophisticated algorithm which scans the complete hard drive and recovers all possible data from corrupt or damaged hard drive. It has preview option which allows you to view the recovered media files before saving them on to your computer. Moreover, if you are looking for the complete information about how to undelete data on Mac, then click here

Steps to Undelete data from computer:

Step 1: Download and install this software on your computer and then you will see the home screen as shown below.

Software Undelete - Home Screen

Figure A: Home Screen

Step 2: Select the appropriate SD card from where you want to recover data as shown in figure B.

Undelete Application - Select SD Card

Figure B: Select SD Card

Step 3: The recovered files are displayed and later you can opt to save them on your computer.

Undelete Tool - Recovered Files

Figure C: Recovered Files

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